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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Prove me wrong, Taylor

If Taylor Martinez can somehow manage to run the table in BIG 10 play, it would be some other-worldly type of shit. Nebraska’s schedule is just ridiculous. In the preseason USA Today poll, the Big 10 has 8 teams in the top 35 vote getters.

Those teams are: Wisconsin (10), NEBRASKA (11), Ohio St (16), Michigan St (17), Penn St (25), Iowa (30), Northwestern (31), and Michigan (34).

Nebraska plays ALL freaking 7 of the other teams!!! (Just for comparison, the SEC equals the BIG10 with 8 in the top 35 while the Big 12 has just 5 teams)

Running the table with that type of schedule would be an amazing feat for any team to do. Anyone. But when you figure in the fact that we have a pussy QB…well sheeeit…that road is damn near impossible. Yeah I’m in the camp that doesn’t believe in Magic. Why? Because I really think he is a pussy. Just my opinion.

When is this thing kicking back up?


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Score Predictions - Oklahoma

Enter your Score Predictions for this week's game in the comments section.

Previous Winners

Week 1: Denise - Off by 1 Point! - (Guess 50-10, Actual 49-10)
Week 2: Luke - Off by 1 Point! - (Guess 38-16, Actual 38-17)
Week 3: Denise - Off by 11 Points - (Guess 45-21, Actual 56-21)
Week 4: Kristin - Off by 31 Points - (Guess 41-10, Actual 17-3)
Week 5: Kovar - Off by 5 Points - (Guess 52-12, Actual 48-13)
Week 6: Kovar - Off by 9 Points - (Guess 22-20, Actual 13-20)
Week 7: Kovar - Off by 14 Points - (Guess 52-28, Actual 51-41)
Week 8: Kovar - Off by 3 Points - (Guess 33-18, Actual 31-17)
Week 9: Hepp - Off by 16 Points - (Guess 28-17, Actual 31-30)
Week 10: Dean - Off by 24 Points - (Guess 38-9, Actual 20-3)
Week 11: Dean - Off by 15 Points - (Guess 17-13, Actual 6-9)
Week 12: Aaron - Off by 11 Points - (Guess 34-17, Actual 45-17)

T-Magic Rumors

I am sure everyone has seen this email flying around but I figured I'd post it.
This supposedly tells the whole story of the Pelini/Martinez fued and "suspension"

Two or three different sources all report a general version of events as this:

1. Bo's meltdown against Taylor on Saturday night. All agree it was over a cell phone. When Taylor was injured, he was taken to the A&M locker room because that is where the X-Ray facility was. After being X-rayed and cleared, rather than hurry and return to the team, Taylor left the medical staff to walk all the way over to NU's locker room, retrieve his cell phone, and have a conversation with his father. All told, Taylor and his dad waste 10-20 minutes. Bo is pissed on two different levels. One, he needs the kid back in the game and he's wasting time. Two, Bo has a very explicit rule about cell phones in the locker room and on the field. Evidently, Taylor has been busted for this kind of thing in the past.

Taylor comes back out on the field and the medical staff informs Bo of Taylor's activities. You saw the conversation that ensued on national TV. Not pleasant. There are several 'lip-reader' interpretations out there. All have to do with a phone call.

2. Upon returning to Lincoln, the next day finds Taylor's dad having shown up on campus. He's pissed. This has happened with Taylor's dad in the past and Bo pretty much hates dealing with it. They have a meeting with Taylor, Taylor's dad, and Pelini. Pelini explains that Taylor has violated team rules and will be suspended for a game. Evidently, Taylor's dad completely loses it, stating that it is their intention to transfer from NU to somewhere else and that calling it a 'suspension' will keep teams from wanting his son. Bo says, "Fine, call it whatever you want, but your son isn't playing on Friday." The meeting doesn't end well. Rumors swirl like crazy Sunday night that Taylor has quit the team. Technically, he hasn't, but there is enough truth in there to know that something has happened.

3. The next day, Taylor shows up with a walking boot on his foot to practice. Him and his dad want him to wear the boot so that people will believe that he is not playing this week because of his ankle, not because he's 'suspended'. As a 'screw you' to Pelini, however, Taylor wears the boot on the wrong foot, causing all sorts of confusion and strange questions from the press. Taylor, in his odd way, thinks this is all some kind of funny joke.

As this little stunt makes its way through the team, former players such as Phillip Dillard start piping up via Twitter and Facebook, describing their thoughts on Taylor and his established history of stunts like this, neglect for team rules, his over-obsessive daddy, etc. Phil calls on the Unity Council to dismiss Martinez from the team. Speculation is that current players are the source of Dillard's anger.

What the 'inside' people are reporting is this: Taylor Martinez is gone after this season. All agree this is the case. He may not play another game for Nebraska. Taylor wants to be gone, Taylor's dad wants him gone, and Bo and the rest of the team want him gone. Everyone within the program, from the coaches to the players, are tired of his prima donna attitude, helicopter dad, and general lack of respect for all things Nebraska. The 'suspension' will never be publicized as such - but that's what it is according to others.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vince's OU Prediction Show

If you listen to "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" you've heard these guys before but if not, then you should check them out. Probably the most knowledgeable football guys out there.

If you have some spare time, check out a few more of their videos...These guys are hilarious.

"Just Win Baby"

No Love For Alex Henery

During the NU/CU Broadcast last week, Ed Cunningham called Alex Henery the best College Football Kicker of All-Time...he might not be wrong.

NCAA Record for Career Field Goal Percentage - 87.8%
Henery - 66 of 74 89.2%

NCAA Record for FG% Outside 40 Yards - 72.1%
Henery - 24 of 31 - 77.4%

NCAA Record for FG% Inside 40 Yards - 97%
Henery - 42 of 43 - 97.7%

This year he is 16 of 17 with one "miss" being a blocked 51 yard attempt

Over 50-Yards:
Season: 1-of-2
Career: 4-of-10
40-to-49 Yards:
Season: 7-of-7
Career: 20-of-21
Less Than 40-Yards:
Season: 8-of-8
Career: 42-of-43

Oh Yea, he's also a great punter (He's ranked in top 5 for all time Punting avg at NU) and will end his Career as the All Time Scoring Leader in NU History.

Despite these Stats, Henery was only named Second Team All Big 12 and is not a finalist for the Lou Groza Award (Best Kicker) or the Ray Guy Award (Best Punter).

Two of the Kickers nominated for the Groza (Ok State kicker and Souther Miss kicker) have kicked 26 and 24 field goals respectively but they have a lot more attempts and are each about 86%. The 3rd is the Notre Dame Kicker who is 15 for 15 this year and 10 are from inside 40 yards. (Keep in mind Henery is 16 for 17 with a blocked 51 yard attempt)

If awards voters can't see his value, at least we know the NFL will as Henery will likely be one of maybe 2 or 3 kickers drafted in June. In case you are wondering the average Salary for an NFL kicker is $1.4 Million and Rookie Kickers usually make around $500,000

Bowl Possibilities for Big12 Championship Loser

Saturday's game obviously has a big impact on both team's bowl selection but the loser could drop farther than expected.

The winner will play in the Fiesta Bowl against either Stanford (if the Orange Bowl Selects Big East Winner to play against ACC Winner) or against Big East Winner (if Orange Bowl Selects Stanford)

The loser however doesn't necessarily get selected as the next highest Big 12 team.

Here is a list of the Big 12 Bowl Tie-Ins by selection Order....

1) BCS - Fiesta Bowl
2) Cotton Bowl (vs SEC Western Team)
3) Valero Alamo Bowl (vs Pac 10 #2)
4) Insight Bowl (vs Big 10 #4/5)
5) Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl (vs Pac 10 #3)
6) Texas Bowl (vs Big 10 #6)
7) New Era Pinstripe Bowl (vs Big East #4)
8) Ticket City Bowl (vs Big 10 #7)

Texas A&M has already accepted an invite to play in the Cotton Bowl so that leaves the following teams for Big 12 Bowls
Oklahoma State 10-2
Missouri 10-2
NU/OU Loser 10-3

So Next Pick is the Alamo Bowl vs Pac 10 Team...
Oregon and Stanford will get BCS Bids and USC is on Bowl Probation so that leaves Arizona (and Washington with a win Saturday over WSU) as the only other Bowl Eligible teams from the Pac 10.
If NU wins Saturday, would they really match up Stoops (OU) vs Stoops (ARZ)?
If NU loses;
Arizona (the likely pick) played NU last year in a bowl so a rematch is unlikely
Washington played Nebraska this year which means NU likely wouldn't go to the Alamo Bowl

The next Pick is the Insight Bowl
If NU loses and doesn't get picked by Alamo Bowl as mentioned above, the Insight Bowl would have to pick from NU and OSU/Mizz (whichever doesn't go to Alamo). Michigan is the likely pick here from the Big 10 and they almost have to take NU because the next pick is the Holiday bowl which like the Alamo is a matchup against a Pac 10 team.

In case you were wondering,
Fiesta Bowl - Saturday January 1st @ 7:30 PM
Alamo Bowl - Wednesday December 29th @ 8:15 PM
Insight Bowl - Tuesday December 28th @ 9 PM
Holiday Bowl - Thursday December 30th @ 9 PM

Let's just hope we win so we can get a good game time/date

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All Big 12 Teams / Awards

Coach of the Year Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State (6th year)
Offensive Lineman of the Year Nate Solder, Colorado, OT, Sr., Buena Vista, Colo.
Defensive Lineman of the Year Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma, DE, Sr., Carrollton, Texas
Offensive Freshman of the Year Taylor Martinez, Nebraska, QB, Fr., Corona, Calif.
Co-Defensive Freshman of the Year Tony Jefferson, Oklahoma, DB, Fr., Chula Vista, Calif.
Shaun Lewis, Oklahoma State, LB, Fr., Missouri City, Texas
Special Teams Player of the Year Dan Bailey, Oklahoma State, P/K, Sr., Mustang, Okla.
Newcomer of the Year Lavonte David, Nebraska, LB, Jr, Miami, Fla.
Defensive Player of the Year Prince Amukamara, Nebraska, CB, Sr., Glendale, Ariz.
Offensive Player of the Year Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State, WR, So., Ardmore, Okla.

2010 All-Big 12 Football First Team
Pos. Player School Class Hometown/Previous School(s)
QB Brandon Weeden Oklahoma State Jr. Edmond, Okla./Santa Fe
RB Kendall Hunter** Oklahoma State Sr. Tyler, Texas/John Tyler
RB DeMarco Murray Oklahoma Sr. Las Vegas, Nev./Bishop Gorman
FB Bryant Ward # Oklahoma State Sr. Stillwater, Okla./Stillwater
WR Ryan Broyles** Oklahoma Jr. Norman, Okla./Norman
WR Justin Blackmon** Oklahoma State So. Ardmore, Okla./Plainview
WR Jeff Fuller Texas A&M Jr. McKinney, Texas/Boyd
TE Michael Egnew Missouri Jr. Plainview, Texas/Plainview
OL Nate Solder # Colorado Sr. Buena Vista, Colo./Buena Vista
OL Tim Barnes Missouri Sr. Longwood, Mo./Pettis County Northwest
OL Levy Adcock Oklahoma State Jr. Claremore, Okla./NEO A&M JC
OL Ricky Henry Nebraska Sr. Omaha, Neb./Burke/North Dakota State College of Science
OL Eric Mensik Oklahoma Sr. Rosenburg, Texas/Terry
PK Dan Bailey Oklahoma State Sr. Mustang, Okla./Southwest Covenant
KR/PR William Powell Kansas State Sr. Duncanville, Texas/Navarro College

DL Jeremy Beal Oklahoma Sr. Carrollton, Texas/Creekview
DL Sam Acho Texas Sr. Dallas, Texas/St. Mark’s
DL Pierre Allen Nebraska Sr. Denver, Colo./Thomas Jefferson
DL Aldon Smith Missouri So. Raytown, Mo./Raytown
DL Jared Crick # Nebraska Jr. Cozad, Neb./Cozad
LB Von Miller # Texas A&M Sr. DeSoto, Texas/DeSoto
LB Lavonte David Nebraska Jr. Miami, Fla./Northwestern/Fort Scott CC
LB Orie Lemon Oklahoma State Sr. Houston, Texas/Yates
DB Quinton Carter Oklahoma Sr. Las Vegas, Nev./Cheyenne
DB Jimmy Smith Colorado Sr. Colton, Calif./Colton
DB Eric Hagg Nebraska Sr. Peoria, Ariz./Ironwood
DB Prince Amukamara # Nebraska Sr. Glendale, Ariz./Apollo
DB Andrew McGee Oklahoma State Sr. Magee, Miss./Magee/Copiah-Lincoln CC
P Quinn Sharp Oklahoma State So. Mansfield, Texas/Summit
# - Repeat first team selection from last season.
**Unanimous Selection

2010 All-Big 12 Football Second Team
Pos. Player School Class Hometown/Previous School(s)
QB Robert Griffin III Baylor So. Copperas Cove, Texas/Copperas Cove
RB Roy Helu Jr. ^ Nebraska Sr. Danville, Calif./San Ramon Valley
RB Daniel Thomas Kansas State Sr. Hilliard, Fla./NW Mississippi CC
FB Trey Millard Oklahoma Fr. Columbia, Mo./Rock Bridge
WR Kendall Wright Baylor Jr. Pittsburg, Texas/Pittsburg
WR Niles Paul Nebraska Sr. Omaha, Neb./North
WR T.J. Moe Missouri So. O’Fallon, Mo./Fort Zumwalt West
TE Collin Franklin Iowa State Sr. Simi Valley, Calif./Simi Valley/College of the Canyons CC
OL Zach Kendall Kansas State Sr. Peculiar, Mo./Harrisonville
OL Danny Watkins Baylor Sr. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada/Butte (Calif.) College
OL Matt Allen Texas A&M Sr. Spring, Texas/LSU
OL Lonnie Edwards Texas Tech Jr. Brownsboro, Texas/Brownsboro
OL Ben Lamaak Iowa State Sr. Cedar Rapids, Iowa/Kennedy
PK Alex Henery ^ Nebraska Sr. Omaha, Neb./Burke
KR/PR Niles Paul Nebraska Sr. Omaha, Neb./North

DL Colby Whitlock Texas Tech Sr. Noble, Okla./Noble
DL Phil Taylor Baylor Sr. Clinton, Md./Gwynn Park/Penn State
DL Ugo Chinasa Oklahoma State Sr. Richardson, Texas/Berkner
DL Jacquies Smith Missouri Jr. Dallas, Texas/South Oak Cliff
DL Cameron Meredith Nebraska So. Huntington Beach, Calif./Mater Dei
LB Travis Lewis Oklahoma Jr. San Antonio, Texas/Robert E. Lee
LB Jake Knott Iowa State So. Waukee, Iowa/Waukee
LB Emmanuel Acho Texas Jr. Dallas, Texas/St. Mark’s
DB Alfonzo Dennard Nebraska Jr. Rochelle, Ga./Wilcox County
DB Aaron Williams Texas Jr. Round Rock, Texas/McNeil
DB Leonard Johnson Iowa State Jr. Clearwater, Fla./Largo
DB Coryell Judie Texas A&M Jr. Marlin, Texas/Fort Scott CC
DB Ty Zimmerman Kansas State Fr. Junction City, Kan./Junction City
DB Curtis Brown Texas Sr. Gilmer, Texas/Gilmer
P Alex Henery Nebraska Sr. Omaha, Neb./Burke
Nebraska: Rex Burkhead, RB; Mike Caputo, OL & Off. Lmn. of the Yr.; Jared Crick, Def. Lmn. of the Yr.; DeJon Gomes, DB; Alex Henery, Sp. Tms. Ply. of the Yr.; Ricky Henry, Off. Lmn. of the Yr.; Taylor Martinez, QB; Baker Steinkuhler, DL; Keith Williams, OL.

Scenes From The Colorado Tailgate

Monday, November 29, 2010

Martinez "Day-to-Day"

Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini continued Monday to call the status of quarterback Taylor Martinez “a day-to-day thing” for Saturday Big 12 Championship game in Dallas.

Martinez is recovering from two injuries: A sprained right ankle and a bruised toe – suffered in a 9-6 loss to Texas A&M – that left Martinez in a walking boot last week.

Cody Green started in Martinez's absence and played well in a 45-17 win over Colorado. Pelini declined to name a starter – or a timetable for determining one – during Monday's Big 12 Championship teleconference.

“We'll play the guy that we feel is going to give us the best chance to win the game,” Pelini said. “And it might be a combination of the two.”

Dan Beebe Fears for his Life

The Kansas City Star

After a week of receiving threatening messages, including death threats, Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe didn’t want a member of his staff attending the game.

“The decision was to be safe,” Beebe said. “It probably wasn’t a good idea to be there.”

Beebe said he has received more than 2,000 “vulgar and nasty” e-mails and voice-mail messages from Nebraska fans who have been upset at what they’ve perceived as unfair decisions by the conference office with a suspension and officiating decisions against the Cornhuskers.

Some of the messages have included threats to Beebe, his family and Big 12 staff members.

“I’m a big boy, I can take this, but our staff doesn’t deserve the vulgarity and the nastiness aimed at them,” Beebe said.

Beebe said he received a message from a person impersonating a police officer who said “they had my daughter, who is in college, and she was unresponsive.”

There also was a death threat.

“We had a threat talking about you’re going to die and your family is going to die in your house,” Beebe said. “You have to start taking it seriously. All it takes is one crackpot.”

Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne said he had communicated with Beebe earlier in the week and knew there wouldn’t be a conference representative at the game.

“They said they didn’t think it was safe to send somebody up,” Osborne said Friday.

Beebe said the angry messages started after the league imposed a one-game suspension on linebacker Eric Martin for targeting a player with the crown of his helmet during a kickoff return Oct. 23 against Oklahoma State. No penalty was called on the play.

Beebe said he made the decision after consulting with a security official who works as an independent contractor for the NFL.

“We were told it’s not worth the risk until there was more time to sort it out,” Beebe said. “There hasn’t been enough time to chase down the people who left some of the most threatening messages.”

At some point a trophy will be presented to Nebraska, and if the Cornhuskers win the Big 12 title game Dec. 4 in Arlington, Texas, a ceremony will take place on the field with a Big 12 official.

Beebe presented the division championship trophy to Nebraska in 2006 and 2009.

Beebe's View On Cotton Play

Nebraska tight end Ben Cotton said Tony Jerod-Eddie was “just trying to find his way to the football.”

The comment drew laughter from a group of reporters.

Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe felt Cotton was serious.

Beebe, in a telephone conversation with the Journal Star, said he didn’t characterize a Nov. 20 play involving Cotton and Jerod-Eddie of Texas A&M the same way that many people are.

What many Nebraska fans and others across the nation saw was Jerod-Eddie jabbing Ben Cotton between his legs while Cotton, at the bottom of a pile of players, was recovering a fumble.

“Well, if you think it was that, we’ll just have to disagree,” Beebe said. “I don’t think it was in that manner. And didn’t the Nebraska player say he was just trying to get to the ball?”


“Yeah,” Beebe said.

When asked why Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman then felt the need to say Jerod-Eddie was “remorseful,” Beebe responded by saying how the Big 12 reviews many plays in football games and will privately handle some matters with athletic directors or coaches, telling them they need to pay attention to particular play or actions by some players.

Beebe wouldn’t confirm or deny if that was the case with Jerod-Eddie, who’s not been punished publicly.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Score Predictions - Colorado

Enter your Score Predictions for this week's game in the comments section.

Previous Winners

Week 1: Denise - Off by 1 Point! - (Guess 50-10, Actual 49-10)
Week 2: Luke - Off by 1 Point! - (Guess 38-16, Actual 38-17)
Week 3: Denise - Off by 11 Points - (Guess 45-21, Actual 56-21)
Week 4: Kristin - Off by 31 Points - (Guess 41-10, Actual 17-3)
Week 5: Kovar - Off by 5 Points - (Guess 52-12, Actual 48-13)
Week 6: Kovar - Off by 9 Points - (Guess 22-20, Actual 13-20)
Week 7: Kovar - Off by 14 Points - (Guess 52-28, Actual 51-41)
Week 8: Kovar - Off by 3 Points - (Guess 33-18, Actual 31-17)
Week 9: Hepp - Off by 16 Points - (Guess 28-17, Actual 31-30)
Week 10: Dean - Off by 24 Points - (Guess 38-9, Actual 20-3)
Week 11: Dean - Off by 15 Points - (Guess 17-13, Actual 6-9)

Niles Paul Out for Friday and Likely Season

In a statement issued Wednesday, head coach Bo Pelini confirmed that an injury will sideline wide receiver Niles Paul for the Buffaloes game, if not longer.

“Niles Paul suffered a foot injury in Tuesday afternoon’s practice,” Pelini said in a statement. “He will be out for Friday’s game against Colorado. His status for the rest of the season will be evaluated.”

According to the Omaha World-Herald, and citing three sources close to the situation, Paul will be sidelined at least a month because of a broken foot. Obviously, depending on the date of the Cornhuskers’ bowl game, Paul’s NU career could be over as well as he’s a senior.

Paul currently leads the Cornhuskers with 39 receptions and 516 receiving yards.

10 Memorable NU/CU Games

1986 Colorado 20 Nebraska 10: The Buffaloes punked one of the Huskers' finest defenses with a reverse and a halfback pass, both for touchdowns, while NU's high-powered offense never found its footing in the mountain air, rushing for just 123 yards, its lowest total in eight years. Most Husker fans trace the rather unkind treatment they received at the hands of the Buff faithful back to this game.

1988 Nebraska 7 Colorado 0: Flying toward the end zone untouched for the game's first touchdown, Colorado running back J.J. Flannigan did a funny thing. He fumbled. And while he recovered the ball at the NU 19-yard line, a botched reverse two plays later left the Buffaloes out of field goal position. That meant Ken Clark's third-quarter touchdown stood up as the game's only score in another defensive scrum.

1989 Colorado 27 Nebraska 21: The finest game in the series, really, with the most at stake, two undefeated teams, No. 2 and No. 3, battling on a gorgeous day in Boulder. NU struck on its first offensive player, a 51-yard pass from Gerry Gdowski to Bryan Carpenter. Colorado answered back with two quick touchdowns, and the game settled in from there, an old-fashioned, back-and-forth affair. NU's pass to the end zone on the game's final play was knocked down. Nebraska outplayed the Buffs, but a controversial pass interference penalty on the Huskers – plus two key punt returns by Jeff Campbell, was the difference.

1990 Colorado 27 Nebraska 12: NU was on the right side of this equation in 2009, when the Huskers overcame a 12-0 deficit at Missouri on a rainy night with 27 straight points in the fourth quarter. On this day in 1990, CU continued its march toward the national title with a series of clutch runs and throws from quarterback Darian Hagan. Eric Bieniemy overcame four lost fumbles to rush for as many touchdowns in the fourth quarter to go with his 137 rushing yards. Nebraska failed to convert two fourth-down plays in the fourth quarter that helped facilitate CU's points.

1991 Nebraska 19 Colorado 19: Perhaps the coldest game ever played in the series– the kickoff temps were well below zero and snow was packed into the bleachers at Folsom Field – ended in a tie thanks to two CU blocks of Byron Bennett kicks – one an extra point that Greg Biekert returned for a 2-point conversion, the other a field goal at the gun. On the field goal, Buff students were hurling snowballs at Bennett's feet. Surprisingly, the option-heavy teams combined for more passing yards (321) than rushing yards (272).

1994 Nebraska 24 Colorado 7: CU's finest team expected to roll into Lincoln and continue its drive for a second national title in five years. Not to be – as Nebraska continued its drive for its first in 24 years. Quarterback Brook Berringer, frustrated after hearing that he wasn't much of a threat to beat the Buffaloes, hammered Colorado with his arm, completing a series of short passes to tight ends in the first half before putting in the dagger with a 30-yarder to Eric Alford in the third quarter. NU's defense, meanwhile, turned Kordell Stewart into mincemeat, sacking him four times and limiting him to just 150 yards passing.

2000 Nebraska 34 Colorado 32: Aided by perhaps the worst squib kick in the history of them, NU won thanks to a last-minute Eric Crouch drive that set up a 29-yard field goal by Josh Brown as time expired. The Huskers appeared ready to run away with the game after taking an early 14-0 lead, but the Buffs, behind freshman quarterback Craig Ochs, fought back to take an 17-14 lead in the third quarter. From there, both teams traded haymakers, with Colorado appearing to win the game on a late touchdown and 2-point conversion with 44 seconds left. But head coach Gary Barnett called for a squib on the ensuing kickoff, and CU screwed it up, kicking directly to NU running back Dahrran Diedrick, who returned the ball nearly to midfield. Crouch found Bobby Newcombe on two passes to get NU in field goal range and Brown made the chip-shot for the win. Colorado's response, seen here, is fairly priceless.

2001 Colorado 62 Nebraska 36: The Day After Thanksgiving Massacre. The Buffaloes ran that power counter over and over and over up and down the field – and threw for 202 yards to boot. CU took a 35-3 lead before the Huskers started to make their move, closing the gap to 42-23 by halftime and 42-30 in the fourth quarter. A third-quarter fumble by NU running back Dahrran Diedrick stung deeply. Some argue the Huskers have never really recovered their dominance after so clearly losing it in that game. Nebraska still headed to the BCS national title game over the Buffaloes one week later.

2007 Colorado 65 Nebraska 51: Also known as Bill Callahan's final game, where Kevin Cosgrove's defense was buried for good, never to R.I.P. The two teams combined for 1,128 yards and 116 points, as CU used a 21-point third quarter to wrest the lead from the Huskers and never relinquish it again.

2008 Nebraska 40 Colorado 31: The Kick Heard Round Nebraska. Alex Henery's 57-yard boot to give NU a 32-31 lead – followed by Ndamukong Suh's interception return for a touchdown just moments later, is the loudest Memorial Stadium's been in years. Good thing Henery made that kick, too, because the Huskers were about to give an easy one away to the Buffaloes.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bad Time to Play CU

While Nebraska's offense has hit a wall the last few week's, Colorado is just catching their stride. Check out Offensive stats for both teams comparing averages from the first 8 games to averages during the last 3 games. (2 of the 3 games for each team were against common opponents..ISU and KU)

Sixteen flags: A look at NU's penalties

From Big Red Today, a look at all 16 Penalties

A look at the 16 penalties called against Nebraska on Saturday at Texas A&M, a school record in both number and total yards (145). The impact of some could be considered minimal, while others weighed to the extreme:

Click on the Comments Section for the Breakdown

So most of these penalties were legit but the list of questionable calls would include...
1. Roughing Passer on Osborne
2. Personal Fouls on Martin during Kick Returns
3. PI on Dennard
4. Some people may feel bad for Cotton and his first Personal Foul could have been called offsetting penalties

Monday, November 22, 2010

Kellogg Works With 2nd String

With starting quarterback Taylor Martinez out of action Monday, Nebraska redshirt freshman Ron Kellogg III spent time with the No. 2 offense, he told reporters.

Kellogg said he's been sharing reps with the twos along with senior Zac Lee while Cody Green takes snaps with the first string.

"Today I took the majority of the reps just because Zac has to worry about his elbow and stuff," said Kellogg, a walk-on from Omaha Westside.

Kellogg moved up from the scout team the week of the Nov. 13 Kansas game and since worked mostly with the twos and threes. Now, he said, he's working mostly with the twos.

"Of course I was a little shocked when I got the call-up," he said. "But after that, I sat down with coach (Shawn) Watson and got a level head about everything. Basically, you have to study the playbook. If you don't study the playbook, things won't go well in practice. If you get thrown in the game, things won't go well in the game."

He said he studies and learns so his teammates will have confidence in him if he's called upon in a game.

After working with the scout team, he said, "It's a dream to come up to the big field. Now that I've got that opportunity, I don't want to lose it."

High School 86 Yard Punt

In case you are tired of all the Husker Drama, here's something totally unrelated.

Hey Receiving team...Maybe get in there and jump on the ball

Bo Pelini Presser

Greg Burks Becomes Household Name in Nebraska

Here are some stats to fuel the Big12 conspiracy theory fire.

Nebraska has played seven Big 12 conference games this season.
Three of those games (Texas, ISU, A&M) were officiated by the Burks crew.

Penalties in games officiated by Burks' crew...
Nebraska: 32 for 293 yds (16 on offense, 10 on defense, 6 on special teams)
Opponents: 9 for 103 yds (4 on offense, ZERO on defense, 5 on special teams)

Penalties in Big 12 games not officiated by Burks' crew (KSU, OSU, MU, KU)
Nebraska: 25 for 210 yds
Opponents: 20 for 163 yds

276 snaps in a row our defense has not been held by an opposing offensive line or offensive unit. More telling, 378 of the last 379 snaps by opposing teams have not resulted in a hold of any kind.

Big 12 League games only
Team Opp Difference
NU 57 29 -28
MU 39 46 7
KSU 42 51 9*
ISU 48 42 -6*
CU 42 45 3
KU 45 54 9

OSU 48 45 -3
OU 30 59 29
A&M 63 53 -10
BAY 65 54 -11*
TECH 54 58 4*
TEX 44 41 -3

B12 47.2 49.8 2.5 (averages not including NU for illustration)
* Indicates team has played all eight conference games.
Points of interest
NU: Penalties of 57 is 10 above league average.
NU: Opponents' penalties of 29 is 20 less than league average.
Last three Big 12 games for NU: 28 penalties versus six (avg. of two).
A&M Big 12 games penalties for: 8, 8, 12, 9, 13, 11, 2.
A&M average before NU game: 10.1 per game.
Penalties: NU 16, A&M 2.
Penalties: NU 10, TEX 4.

Pelini says Martinez 'still on the team'

LINCOLN — The fallout Sunday from Nebraska's 9-6 loss to Texas A&M turned even more dramatic than the nail-biting game.

Coach Bo Pelini refuted a rumor gone viral that injured quarterback Taylor Martinez had quit the football team. Meanwhile, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman expressed displeasure over Pelini's sideline temperament in College Station, Texas.

Word began to spread Sunday evening of a Martinez-Nebraska split. By 9 p.m., the quarterback's name ranked as the No. 1 trending search topic nationally on

Pelini, reached by phone, said Martinez remained a part of the team. Asked if any issues might jeopardize Martinez's status for the Huskers' regular-season finale, Friday at Memorial Stadium against Colorado, Pelini only reiterated his initial comment.

“He's still on the team,” Pelini said.

Martinez's father, Casey Martinez, declined to comment Sunday.

Pelini also again declined to offer an explanation for a sideline incident between the coach and QB.

After Martinez reinjured his right ankle early in the game, he returned from a treatment and X-ray session in the locker room to receive a verbal lashing from Pelini late in the first half. Pelini shouted at Martinez for several seconds and poked the player with a finger above his chest.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Perlman: Pelini's actions must be addressed

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman expressed disappointment Sunday in the sideline behavior of Husker head football coach Bo Pelini during Saturday night’s 9-6 loss to Texas A&M.

“I think it was very unfortunate,” Perlman told the Associated Press, “and I think it’s something we’ll have to address with Bo.”

Perlman passed on his concerns Sunday morning to Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne. He told the AP that he, Osborne or both would talk to Pelini about it.

“Obviously I thought it was relevant or I wouldn’t have said what I said,” Perlman told the Journal Star.

Nebraska was penalized 16 times for 145 yards during Saturday’s loss, a startling stat that seemed the result of some undisciplined football by the Huskers and shoddy officiating.

Certainly bad calls — including a dubious roughing-the-passer penalty on Courtney Osborne in the game’s deciding minutes — were a hot-button topic around the state on Sunday.

Conspiracy theories were flying fast about how the Big 12 is trying to hold down Nebraska on its way out the door to the Big Ten.

And while there were voices of criticism about Pelini’s sideline decorum, there was also plenty of support from those who felt the coach was just standing up for his team in the midst of what many Husker fans perceived as an unfair situation.

Different opinions for different folks, but there’s no debating the refs heard often from a testy Pelini Saturday night. And the ABC television cameras didn’t fail to capture many of those moments.

Among the more notable moments came in the second quarter when a heated Pelini got face-to-face with his redshirt freshman quarterback, Taylor Martinez.

After the game, Pelini declined to go into any detail about the situation.

Cameras also followed Pelini as he tried to seek out referee Greg Burks as the game concluded. The reason was clear.

Nebraska received 16 flags. A&M received two.

“You guys can make your own deductions,” Pelini said of the officiating. “All you have to do is look at the numbers.”

And while the officiating left plenty to be desired, Perlman was firm in his opinion on the head coach’s sideline manner.

“Bo has a lot of passion for his football team, and there is a strong upside to that,” Perlman told the AP. “But again, overall, the conduct was unfortunate last night.”

Carl Pelini Confronts Aggie Fan on Field

This whole thing is confusing and definitely not worth a post but I am bored so I'll put it up...
Below is a post by co-owner of who supposedly had his camera "broken" by an angry Carl Pelini. After posting the story on he posted on a Husker message board that Carl didn't break his camera and took down his original post on TexasAgs. Dirk Chattelain and David Ubben (ESPN) both apparently saw the confrontation and said that detachable peices only came off the camera but Carl did grab it.

At the conclusion of the game, I ran out onto the field with my video camera to capture the post celebrations of the players and coaches. When I reached approximately mid field (near the east hash marks), I came upon Carl Pelini verbally lashing a gentlemen on the field.

I directed my camera toward the commotion and captured the Nebraska coach as he began to walk away. As Carl turned, his eye caught my camera and the fact that I might have captured some of the exchange. What happened next was truly bazaar.

From about 10 feet away, he charged straight for me and for the camera that I was holding. By the time he reached me, I already had my camera by side. He grabbed the camera and I battled to maintain possession of it. Unable to gain possession of it, he broke the eye piece off in several pieces and threw them into the surrounding crowd. He then stormed off. The surrounding crowd helped me recover the pieces of my camera.

Also, there is no audio because, like an idiot, I forgot to put the shotgun mic back on the camera after coming down from the photo deck with 3 minutes remaining. As a result, I got zero audio.

Doesn't seem like a big deal and this guy is probably just trying to get some attention but bottom line is, why is Carl yelling or confronting anyone?

Cotton Gets Violated

Although Cotton is a hot head and he is the one to blame for the 2 15 yard penalties, it is hard to blame him for the first foul (kicking another player) when you see where the guy was grabbing him. You can see his leg moving the whole time trying to get out of #83's grasp. This stuff happens in every pile i'm sure, but I'm not sure how else Cotton could have or should have reacted. Too bad he had to get that last kick in there once the guy let go and too bad he had to act like an idiot and get an additional 15 added on.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Score Predtctions - Texas A&M

Enter your Score Predictions for this week's game in the comments section.

Previous Winners

Week 1: Denise - Off by 1 Point! - (Guess 50-10, Actual 49-10)
Week 2: Luke - Off by 1 Point! - (Guess 38-16, Actual 38-17)
Week 3: Denise - Off by 11 Points - (Guess 45-21, Actual 56-21)
Week 4: Kristin - Off by 31 Points - (Guess 41-10, Actual 17-3)
Week 5: Kovar - Off by 5 Points - (Guess 52-12, Actual 48-13)
Week 6: Kovar - Off by 9 Points - (Guess 22-20, Actual 13-20)
Week 7: Kovar - Off by 14 Points - (Guess 52-28, Actual 51-41)
Week 8: Kovar - Off by 3 Points - (Guess 33-18, Actual 31-17)
Week 9: Hepp - Off by 16 Points - (Guess 28-17, Actual 31-30)
Week 10: Dean - Off by 24 Points - (Guess 38-9, Actual 20-3)

Taylor Martinez Likes Playing Against Road Games

Taylor Martinez likes road games and road games like him.
Martinez has repeatedly mentioned his preference for away games, most recently while looking ahead to this week’s game at Texas A&M:

“I heard [College Station] is a really tough place to play. I think it’ll be a really fun environment, a hostile environment to play in, and I think it’ll be really fun. I love playing in away games. I just love going up against that crowd.”

We’ve heard this from Martinez before. After the Kansas State game he said similar things:

“I love playing in these kinds of environments — I prefer to play in away games. I think it’s fun.”

Martinez has played in three road games in his young career — not exactly a significant sample size. But in each of those contests, he exploded:

@Washington: 287 total yards; 4TDs
@Kansas State: 369 yds.; 5TDs
@Oklahoma State: 435 yds.; 5TDs

Here’s the breakout of his three road starts against his six home starts:

ROAD GAME AVG.: 364 yds.; 4.7 TDs
HOME GAME AVG.: 199 yds.; 1.2 TDs

Note that four of the six home starts were against Western Kentucky, Idaho, South Dakota State and Kansas, so one can’t argue that the level of competition was softer on the road. And Martinez sat out parts of the fourth quarters of the KSU and Washington games so relative playing time isn’t much of a factor in these numbers, either. (If you want to allow for the fact that Martinez missed the second half of the MU game due to injury, doubling his MU stats will add back 22 to his home yardage average and 0.17 to his home TD average.)

Herbstreit/Musburger to Call NU/A&M Game

Saturday night's game with Texas A&M will be televised regionally on ABC beginning at 7 p.m. A coverage map of the areas receiving the game will be available later in the week.

The appearance on ABC will be Nebraska's sixth of the year, with a seventh ABC appearance set for NU's Nov. 26 regular-season finale against Colorado (2:30 p.m., national).

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Martin getting used to switch at DE

So far, so good.

That was Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini's assessment Monday of Eric Martin's recent switch from linebacker to defensive end.

"He's picked it up well," the coach said. "He just keeps getting bigger. He's explosive. We just feel he's a guy we're going to want to get on the field, and we feel he can do a number of different things.

"He brings some versatility to the end position. I think he'll be good there."

Martin, a sophomore, started twice this season at linebacker -- against Washington and South Dakota State -- before settling into a backup role while remaining a key player on special teams. He has 23 tackles on the season.

Pelini said the 6-foot-2 Martin, listed at 240 pounds in the Nebraska media guide, now weighs in the 250-pound range. Pelini made it sound as though Martin could be contributing soon at end.

"We're getting him prepared," Pelini said. "He could get in there, especially on third down, and do some things."

Pelini Defends Jabs at Crowd

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Bo Pelini isn't one to backtrack.
On Tuesday, the fiery Nebraska coach said he was merely making an observation, not ripping the fans, when he said he was disappointed with the "dead" atmosphere at Memorial Stadium for last weekend's Kansas game.
Some fans reacted with anger on radio shows and websites, saying Pelini shouldn't insult the people who pay the bills and have sold out an NCAA-record 310 consecutive home games since 1962.
Others say Pelini spoke the truth and that the fans need to ramp up the volume to support the Huskers and make the stadium more intimidating to visiting teams.
Pelini first commented about the crowd on his weekly television show, taped shortly after Saturday night's 20-3 win over the Jayhawks. On Monday he said, "I felt like I was at a scrimmage."
Pelini didn't back off Tuesday. He said after his weekly news conference that the stadium was quieter than it's ever been in his three seasons at Nebraska and that just before the team came out of the locker room for kickoff "you could hear a pin drop."
Nebraska football is king in this state of 1.8 million, and the fans are proud and passionate. Over each stadium entrance is a sign that reads: "Through These Gates Pass the Greatest Fans in College Football."
Fans already were a bit sensitive after receiver Niles Paul, criticized for his poor outing in the loss to Texas a month ago, said he plays for his coaches and teammates, not the fans.
Pelini dismissed the fan fuss.
"There are going to be fans that are always a little disgruntled," he said, adding that he didn't believe his comments indicate a disconnect between the fans and the program. "It was just an observation."

Bo/Shawn....maybe try to do something on offense to give the fans something to cheer about

Monday, November 15, 2010

What They're Saying - Kansas Game

Bishop: “Nebraska’s offense is not what it became noted for this season. It became last year’s offense.”

Chatelain: “A private man made a very public homecoming Saturday night.”

Stryker: “The pass defense has been good all year, and now the run defense may be coming around.”

McKeever: “If you look closely, you can see a foundation being laid that figures to bode well for the Jayhawks.”

Sipple: “If you're Nebraska, you take this win, wrap a tidy bow around it today, and move on quickly.”

Keegan: “This was not an entertaining sendoff.”

Husker Mike: “Since Martinez left the Missouri game, the Husker offense has seemed to stagnate.”

McKewon: “Shawn Watson's bunch rolled up 397 yards, but you almost wish he had dialed down his plan, too.”

Shatel: “Martinez returned to the starting lineup. His speed is still playing catch-up.”

Pressure helps Nebraska bag sacks

By Rich Kaipust
WORLD-HERALD BUREAU « Big Red TodayShare Related News
LINCOLN — Kansas quarterback Quinn Mecham maybe didn't know it at the time, but it was going to become a pattern.

It was fourth-and-6 on the Jayhawks' opening drive Saturday night and Nebraska had six of its 11 defenders coming after him.

There were too many of them moving too fast. Mecham panicked. A blitzing DeJon Gomes wrapped him up and took him down.

It would be the first of six sacks for the Huskers, and one of four by somebody other than Nebraska defensive linemen.

“Everybody came at one time or another,” NU defensive coordinator Carl Pelini said. “We were pretty creative with the pressure package this week.”

Nebraska made life miserable for Mecham in the 20-3 victory at Memorial Stadium, blitzing about as regularly as it had in any game this season. It resulted in the KU quarterback going just 3 for 13 in his third career start and passing for 15 yards.

It was most dangerous for Mecham in obvious passing downs, of which there were many. At different times, he had to watch for Gomes, Eric Hagg or Lavonte David coming from the linebacker and nickel/dime slots, not to mention safeties Austin Cassidy and Courtney Osborne.

Pelini moved them like chess pieces and smiled afterward about what it's like to have such athletes to send.

“It's fun,” he said. “We can really look at protections and think of all kinds of different ways to pressure people. We were real effective with that in the first half. Then in the second, you get your lead and you say, ‘We're getting a four-man rush, so let's play some coverage,' and that's kind of how the game went.”

Nebraska had seven sacks against Idaho in September, but six of its first seven games included two or fewer. It has 14 in its past three games, with six each against Missouri and Kansas.

The Huskers knew that they would be coming against KU, even if Mecham had to learn the hard way.

“We thought after going through the week of game plan that there was going to be some opportunities to bring some heat, and our guys did a nice job of executing,” NU assistant coach John Papuchis said. “I think every time we ran a pressure we executed it well. It certainly paid off, especially in the first half.”

All six sacks came on third- or fourth-down plays. On five of the six, the Jayhawks needed 6 yards or more for a first down.

In that regard, defensive tackle Jared Crick said, Nebraska set itself up for success.

“It's all credit to us stopping the run on first and second down and getting to those third-and-long situations that really benefit us getting those sacks,” Crick said. “I knew we could do it. We just finally executed and stopped them on first and second down, which gets them into that position.”

Crick bagged two sacks, giving the junior a team-high 6½. They just haven't come as easily for the front four as a year ago, when Ndamukong Suh had 12, Crick added 9½ and defensive linemen accounted for 33½ altogether.

If Pelini had a previous complaint with his front four, he said, it's that they were being too conservative in obvious passing situations. Especially his younger guys.

“So I challenged them,” he said. “I said, ‘Get your butts in the air and go. Go have some fun and wreck some shop in the backfield.' They did that (Saturday). It was good to see them do that. Turn it loose, and hopefully that will carry over.”

The return of cornerback Alfonzo Dennard helped and should benefit NU again this Saturday at Texas A&M. With Dennard and Prince Amukamara spearheading coverage, the risk involved with blitzing isn't as great for the Huskers as for some other teams.

It hardly seemed like a risk at all Saturday night.

“Coach Carl really felt we could get some pressure on these guys with how they were in their pass protections,” said Marvin Sanders, the NU secondary coach. “We thought if we could get in his face and get on him a little bit that we could force him into some throws, or at least rattle him. And I think our guys did.”

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Score Predictions - Kansas

Enter your Score Predictions for this week's game in the comments section.

Previous Winners

Week 1: Denise - Off by 1 Point! - (Guess 50-10, Actual 49-10)
Week 2: Luke - Off by 1 Point! - (Guess 38-16, Actual 38-17)
Week 3: Denise - Off by 11 Points - (Guess 45-21, Actual 56-21)
Week 4: Kristin - Off by 31 Points - (Guess 41-10, Actual 17-3)
Week 5: Kovar - Off by 5 Points - (Guess 52-12, Actual 48-13)
Week 6: Kovar - Off by 9 Points - (Guess 22-20, Actual 13-20)
Week 7: Kovar - Off by 14 Points - (Guess 52-28, Actual 51-41)
Week 8: Kovar - Off by 3 Points - (Guess 33-18, Actual 31-17)
Week 8: Hepp - Off by 16 Points - (Guess 28-17, Actual 31-30)

Where Was Ed Cunningham On This One?

If the Big12 is reviewing helmet to helmet hits and try to judge whether there was "intent", maybe they should look at this play a little closer.

ESPN/UT Close to $120 Mil TV Deal

By Tom Shatel

Well, Texas did it again. No, not lose another game. Lost in the shuffle of the Longhorn train wreck was a report last Friday from that UT is ready to sign a 10-year, $120 million contract with ESPN.

The report raised both eyebrows and questions. Is Texas not going to do its own network now? Would all Longhorn games be on ESPN? Would a future Big 12 TV deal suddenly be sans Texas? Would this kill the Big 12?

I e-mailed those questions to Chip Brown, who reported the news for He replied that ESPN would just be awarded the rights to put the Texas Network on its cluster of channels and not have any new access besides what’s already in the current Big 12 deal.

Also, this would not preclude the Big 12 from signing a new TV deal this spring. Texas, for its part, would be double-dipping.

Why would ESPN do it? Brown added, “It aligns ESPN with Texas for the future, so that if there’s massive upheaval again in 2016 when the Big 12 TV contracts are set to expire and Texas does something like go independent, ESPN would be there. ... Basically, ESPN wanted to make sure it could protect one of its top TV inventories.’’

In other words, it’s a $120 million life insurance policy for an ESPN-Texas marriage down the road.

The thing is, if this keeps Texas fat and sassy in the Big 12 (and why wouldn’t it, since UT will stand to make $25 million to $30 million annually on TV?), this totally Texas move could keep the Big 12 together. Unless, of course, it miffs the Oklahomas and Texas A&Ms of the world to the point of leaving.

Ndamukong Suh Attempts an Extra Point

With Jason Hanson injured, the Detroit Lions turned to Suh to kick the extra point.

Suh won a friendly kicking competition in training camp when he booted a 30-yard field goal that allowed the defense an early exit from practice and forced the offense to run wind sprints. Lions coach Jim Schwartz said, "Ndamukong is our backup field goal kicker; he’s done it in practice. You guys have been to practice before and seen him do it. We have a lot of confidence that he could kick it. It put him in a difficult situation because he went out without any warm-ups.

“I probably should have called a timeout and given him time to get ready.”

See it for yourself...

Picture of the Week

New Husker Playcard....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A&M Announces 12th Man Day

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - The 12th Man, the nationally famous student body at Texas A&M, looks to set another record with the largest student crowd in the history of collegiate football against #8-ranked Nebraska when the Cornhuskers come to Kyle Field on Nov. 20.

Some 27,152 Aggie students have the football or all-sports option to pull tickets for the game. Director of Athletics Bill Byrne has announced that any Aggie student who does not have an all-sports or football option may purchase a $20 ticket to the Cornhusker game by showing their ID.

“In addition to our loyal Aggies who have shown up all season,” Byrne explained. “I would like to invite any student to Kyle Field to buy a $20 ticket to experience the excitement surrounding Aggie football. I would like to set a world record with over 30,000 students in our stadium on Saturday night, Nov. 20 against Nebraska.”

The tickets would be located in the upper corners of the third deck and in the upper levels of the north end zone. These tickets go on sale beginning at 8 a.m. on Thursday. They are available at the 12th Man athletic ticket center inside the Zone at Kyle Field and temporary sales trailers which will be located near Sbisa Dining Hall on the north side of campus as well as the bus stop near Wehner on west campus.

The regular student pull will still take place as normal, with seniors pulling tickets on Monday, juniors on Tuesday, sophomores on Wednesday and freshmen on Thursday. All those holding all-sports or football options may pull a ticket until Thursday at 5 p.m. and then any tickets left over will be sold.

Guest tickets for $40 are also available for sports card holders.

The highest recorded number of student tickets sold was in 2002 when a record 30,192 Aggies purchased football or all-sports options. When the top-ranked Oklahoma Sooners came to town a record 28,000 pulled tickets that season.

“There are larger stadiums, but there are none with the overall support shown by the 12th Man,” Byrne said. “Our student body stands throughout the game. They were a huge factor in our game against OU last week and they are what make Kyle Field so special.”

“If we need to add chairs on the track I am happy to do so to get each and every Aggie student into the game to see our last home game of the year, and in what could be the last time for Nebraska to come to Kyle Field for quite some time,” Byrne stated.

Cassidy and Osborne awarded Blackshirts

After starting the two games at safety, Austin Cassidy and Courtney Osborne received Blackshirts on Tuesday.
P.J. Smith and Rickey Thenarse had been the safeties dressed in black, but both were back in red at the most recent practice.

As it stands, there are 12 Huskers wearing Blackshirts: Allen, Crick, Steinkuhler, Meredith, David, Compton, Hagg, Gomes, Dennard, Amukamara, Cassidy, Osborne.

Asked specifically about the progress of the sophomore Osborne, defensive coordinator Carl Pelini was heavy on praise after Tuesday's practice.

"Courtney is very physical," Pelini said. "He's a student. He studies and he understands his role and the position he plays. He doesn't make mistakes at practice. He's where he's supposed to be and it's important to him."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting to Know the Jayhawks


Pick the adjective to describe the comeback Kansas mounted against Colorado, when the Jayhawks scored 35 points in the final 11:05 to win 52-45 on Saturday. It stopped an 11-game Big 12 losing skid for KU in what has turned out to be a difficult first season as head coach for former Nebraska quarterback and assistant coach Turner Gill.

The greatest comeback in Kansas football history included three of the four touchdown runs Saturday by James Sims. It was Sims' 28-yard scamper with 52 seconds left that capped the scoring. The freshman finished with 123 yards on 20 carries.

Colorado helped out the Jayhawks down the stretch. Tyler Patmon returned a fumble 28 yards for a touchdown to pull Kansas within 45-38, then intercepted a Cody Hawkins pass to set up Sims' game-tying 6-yard run with 4:30 remaining.

Colorado tried to come back, reaching the KU 7-yard line with eight seconds left. But Hawkins threw two incompletions and the clock expired.

Kansas improved to 3-6 overall and 1-4 in the Big 12.


Kansas started the season with Kale Pick at quarterback, switched to Jordan Webb and will come to Lincoln with Quinn Mecham at the controls.

Mecham was making just his second career start against Colorado, when he completed 23 of 28 passes for 252 yards and two touchdowns. Mecham was 12 for 12 for 165 yards in the second half.

Mecham, from Provo, Utah, is a transfer from Snow Junior College who enrolled in January and went through spring practice with the Jayhawks.


An inability to stop the run has caused Kansas trouble all season, although it limited Colorado to 142 yards on Saturday.

Prior to the CU game, the Jayhawks had gone through a four-game stretch where every opponent managed at least 225 yards — Iowa State 232, Texas A&M 227, Kansas State 286 and Baylor 244. Those four teams combined for 13 rushing touchdowns.

Earlier in the season, KU also got stung for 291 rushing yards by Georgia Tech and 202 by Southern Mississippi.

Kansas currently ranks 11th in the Big 12 in rushing defense, giving up 202.8 yards per game and 5.1 per carry. That's not good news with Nebraska heading into Saturday's game leading the Big 12 in rushing offense at 288.1 yards per game and 6.4 per carry.


Kansas fans who lived with decades of frustration were given some hope when former coach Mark Mangino started to change the Jayhawks' fortunes a few years back. It was never better than when KU finished 12-1 in 2007 and won the Orange Bowl.

Since starting out 5-0 last season, however, Kansas has lost 13 of 16 games. The seven straight to finish the 2009 season, along with unhappiness over Mangino's treatment of players, led to KU hiring Gill away from the University of Buffalo.

Nebraska has won two straight against the Jayhawks, but KU had one of its best stretches against the Huskers before Bo Pelini replaced Bill Callahan. Kansas beat NU 76-39 in 2007 and 40-15 in 2005, both in Lawrence, and its losses in 2006 and 2004 in Lincoln were by seven (in overtime) and six, respectively.


Gill isn't the only member of the Kansas staff who previously spent time at Nebraska.

Buddy Wyatt, the Jayhawks' defensive line coach, was a Husker assistant in 2007. Aaron Stamn, who coaches tight ends and special teams for KU, was a Nebraska graduate assistant in 2004 and '05 who followed Gill to Buffalo. Former NU quarterback Joe Dailey is the on-campus recruiting coordinator for Kansas.

Jayhawks offensive coordinator Chuck Long and co-offensive coordinator Darrell Wyatt were at Oklahoma in 2004 when current Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini was the Sooners' co-defensive coordinator and NU assistant Mike Ekeler was an OU grad assistant.

Friday, November 5, 2010

ISU Team Stats and National Ranks

Category National Rank Actual
Rushing Offense 52 157.22
Passing Offense 104 163.67
Total Offense 98 320.89
Scoring Offense 79 24.00
Rushing Defense 99 194.33
Pass Efficiency Defense 79 130.99
Total Defense 102 432.78
Scoring Defense 88 29.67
Net Punting 43 37.53
Punt Returns 35 10.55
Kickoff Returns 67 21.50
Turnover Margin T-9 1.00
Pass Defense 89 238.44
Passing Efficiency 107 108.51
Sacks 111 1.11
Tackles For Loss 110 4.22
Sacks Allowed 77 2.22

Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Week's Locks

For Entertainment purposes only, here are my 5 locks for this week's games.

Colorado -8.5 @ Kansas
Oklahoma -3 @ Texas A&M
Arizona +9.5 @ Stanford
Missouri -4.5 @ Texas Tech
California -14 @ Washington State

(I am sure if I was a real gambler, I wouldn't take 5 road teams 2 weeks in a row)

Last Week
W Auburn -7 @ Mississippi
W Stanford -7 @ Washington
L Cal + 2.5 @ Oregon State
W Ok State - 5.5 @ KSU
W Northwestern - 2.5 @ Indiana

Score Predictions - Iowa State

Enter your Score Predictions for this week's game in the comments section.

Previous Winners

Week 1: Denise - Off by 1 Point! - (Guess 50-10, Actual 49-10)
Week 2: Luke - Off by 1 Point! - (Guess 38-16, Actual 38-17)
Week 3: Denise - Off by 11 Points - (Guess 45-21, Actual 56-21)
Week 4: Kristin - Off by 31 Points - (Guess 41-10, Actual 17-3)
Week 5: Kovar - Off by 5 Points - (Guess 52-12, Actual 48-13)
Week 6: Kovar - Off by 9 Points - (Guess 22-20, Actual 13-20)
Week 7: Kovar - Off by 14 Points - (Guess 52-28, Actual 51-41)
Week 8: Kovar - Off by 3 Points - (Guess 33-18, Actual 31-17)

This is getting ridiculous...come on people make sure to get your scores in this week before we get embarrassed further by Brandon

BCS Breakdown Part 2

As confusing as the BCS can be, I thought I would try to breakdown the standings and try to simplify things. There are only a handful of teams that have a chance to play for the National Championship (Oregon and Auburn/Bama are in the drivers seat). It might be easier to look at the standings as 5 seperate groups.

Group 1 (Big 10 Teams) - Wisconsin(9), Ohio State(11)
These teams don't have a great shot and getting to the NC Game.
Don't be surprised if Wisconsin jumps NU this week due to getting a boost in the computer polls when TCU/Utah and Bama/LSU lose. However, their remaining schedule and lack of a conference championship game will do them no favors.
The thing to watch will be who will win the conference and go to the Rose Bowl?

Iowa Goes if...they win out and Wisconsin loses
Ohio State Goes if...they win out and Wisconsin loses or Wicconsin and Michigan State win out but Wisconsin falls behind OSU in the final BCS
Michigan State Goes if...MSU, Wisconsin and Iowa all win out
Wisconsin Goes if...they win out and either MSU loses or Ohio State also wins out be does not pass Wisconsin in the BCS

Group 2 (Pac 10 Teams) - Oregon(1)
This one is easy Oregon will play for the NC if they win out. If Oregon loses 1 game (to either Washington, Cal, Arizona, and Oregon State), it opens the door for an undefeated Non-AQ team or a one loss Big 12/SEC champion to jump ahead.

Group 3 (Non Automatic Qualifier Teams) - TCU(3), Boise State(4), Utah(5)
TCU plays Utah this week so one of these teams will be eliminated. We should root for Utah, because they would be easier to jump. Other than this week's TCU/Utah game, none of these teams have any difficult games remaining. NU really needs Boise and TCU to slip up. If one of these teams wins out, they will likely be ahead of NU in line as the next team into the NC game.

Group 4 (SEC Teams) - Auburn(2), Alabama(6), LSU(10)
Alabama and LSU play this week which will eliminate one of the 2 teams. If either Auburn or Alabama win out, they will likely play for the NC. (Alabama would get huge boost for beating LSU, Auburn and then a likely rematch against South Carolina). The best thing that could happen for NU would be for LSU to beat Alabama this weekend, then Alabama beats Auburn. Then Auburn would still represent the West in the SEC championship and have a chance to lose again. If LSU wins this weekend they will likely jump NU in the BCS, but with a game at Arkansas remaining and likely no chance to make the SEC Championship, they likely wouldn't be able to hold their position through the end of the season.

Group 5 (Big 12 Teams) - Nebraska(7), Oklahoma(8)
Nebraska needs to win out to have a shot at a BCS bowl. If they lost in the Big 12 Championship, there is a chance they could still be an at Large BCS selection but there is also a chance a 1 loss Missouri team would be selected instead (In 2007 the same thing happened to Missouri when they beat Kansas but lost to Oklahoma again in the Big 12 Championship. The Orange Bowl selected a one loss KU team ahead of a 2 Loss Missouri team, even though Missouri had just beaten KU and their only 2 losses were to Oklahoma). The best scenario for NU would be for Oklahoma to keep wining and NU beat them in the Big12 game. Also, Missouri is for some reason still dominating the computer polls. As much as it is hard to do, NU needs to root for Missouri to keep winning which helps our computer rankings too. The winner of the Big12 (assuming it's a 1 loss team) will likely be the second highest ranked 1 loss team at the end of the season behind Alabama if they win out

Projected BCS Standings following this week's games:
1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. Boise
4. TCU/Utah winner
5. Alabama/LSU winner
6. Oklahoma
7. Wisconsin
(Assuming NU won't gain on either OU or Wisconsin in the Human polls, both these teams will gain more this week in the computer polls than NU)
8. Nebraska
9. Ohio State
10. Missouri

This week:
Husker fans should root for Utah to beat TCU and for LSU to beat Alabama
1. If LSU and Utah win, Nebraska by winning alone should be able to jump Wisconsin, Oklahoma, LSU, Utah putting them 4th behind Oregon, Auburn, and Boise. Then we would need 2 big slip ups.
2. If TCU wins, we can probably add them to the list with Oregon, Auburn, and Boise, and now we would need 3 of the 4 to slip up later in the season.
3. If Alabama wins, then the only thing that would keep the winner of the Alabama/Auburn game out of the NC would be a potential loss to the winner of the Florida/South Carolina winner in the SEC Championship

NU/KU Game Set for 6PM on PPV

The University of Nebraska and FOX Sports Midwest have announced that Nebraska's Nov. 13 game against Kansas in Lincoln will be available on a pay-per-view basis. Kickoff time for the contest has been set for 6 p.m. CT.

Big 12 Special Order Sports, FOX Sports Net's pay-per-view division will produce the pay-per-view telecast and the games will be available on participating cable systems in Nebraska as well as nationally on participating satellite and telco systems.

The game is being televised on a pay-per-view basis because it was not among four Big 12 Conference games selected for over-the-air or cable television coverage on Nov. 13.  Suggested retail price for the telecast, which will be available in HD is $39.95 and full ordering details will be available in the next few days.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Win on Paper for NU

By Paul Conrad of

When you look at the upcoming Nebraska @ Iowa State game from a pure statistical standpoint, the Cyclones are going to get crushed. In virtually every statistical category, Nebraska leads Iowa State.

Looking purely at the numbers, it's hard not to get a little shiver of terror as a Cyclone fan, but that would be a mistake. Texas proved that Nebraska is not invincible. I will not make any inferences that since we beat Texas and Texas beat Nebraska that we are therefore better than Nebraska. While it's a sound logical argument, there's simply no evidence that it applies in college football. I love the phrase "Any given Saturday" because it represents all the things that make college football so exciting. You simply never know what's going to happen, who's going to win and who's going to lose. The uncertainty and the strong ties people have to certain schools give college football a vibrant heartbeat.

Running Game

Taking it as a given that Nebraska is not invincible, looking closer at the statistics provides several interesting comparisons. The first thing that is clear is that Nebraska's passing defense is frighteningly good. They have the number one Passing efficiency defense in the nation and have correspondingly good total defense and scoring defensive numbers. Then you look at their rushing defense. Nebraska is giving up 162 yards per game on the ground, for a mediocre national rank of 75th.

What does that mean for Iowa State? Anyone who watched the Nebraska/Texas game knows that Garret Gilbert beat the Huskers with his feet, not his arm. Time and again he converted third downs by dashing for the sticks. Iowa State has three running backs and a dual threat quarterback who are not afraid of any defense they've seen yet. Utah, Iowa and Oklahoma were all able to stop the Cyclone running game, but the statistics and previous games suggest that the Huskers might not be up to the same task. The Cyclones could literally control the game by running the ball on the majority of downs. Will it happen that way? Who knows, but you can bet that Tom Herman knows all this already.


We all know that Iowa State would not have won last year in Lincoln without an astonishing 8 turnovers from the Huskers. There's been more discussion on that topic by Cyclone and Husker fans over the last year than perhaps any other, save the one second debacle in the Big 12 Championship. The fact of the matter is that Nebraska has put the football on the turf an astonishing number of times this season. It's difficult to see in the statistics, because the Huskers have managed to fall on the ball and recover their own fumbles more often than not. On the whole, it's a dangerous chink in the armor of the Nebraska offense. Wally Burnham's defense has proven time and again that they have a nose for the ball, and have even scored points with them.

Should the Cyclones expect a +8 turnover margin on Saturday? Absolutely not, but the Iowa State defense will be looking for every opportunity to come up with the football they can. A few turnovers could go a long way in Jack Trice Stadium for a team that needs one more win to become bowl eligible. It's literally the only major statistical category that Iowa State leads Nebraska, and it's the one that sparked the upset in Lincoln last year.

Huskers beware.

Paul Rhodes Locker Room Speech

VIdeo from ISU celebration after last year's 9-7 victory in Lincoln

Skip ahead to 44 seconds for the locker room speech

Scenes from the Missouri Tailgate

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

KC Star Writer Calls NU Fans "Inbred"

Mike DeArmond is the longtime Missouri football and basketball beat reporter for the KANSAS CITY STAR. He’s also an alumnus of Mizzou, class of ‘72.

Saturday DeArmond appeared on a Kansas City TV pregame show for the Missouri-Nebraska football game to give his opinion on something that can be a sore subject for more Kansas Citians than you know.

That is, dealing with local Nebraska football fans, Kansas Jayhawks hoops fans and St. Louis Cardinals baseball fans. During his TV appearance, DeArmond originally was asked what he thought of Nebraska football fans, whom he proceeded to lump together with KU and Cardinal fans:

From -

I can’t really disagree with DeArmond’s assessment of the unceasing arrogance of KU hoops and Cardinals baseball fans. Especially Kansas basketball fans, who, next to MU, are the most mean-spirited of the group.

Also important to note that when K-State football was flying high, nouveux-riche Wildcats football fans also contributed a significant annoyance quotient to life in Kansas City.

Big 10-bound Nebraska is a different story. Husker fans are widely recognized as the classiest fans in Big 12 country and will be an enormous loss for the conference. If DeArmond ever journeyed outside the pressbox at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, he’d know that.

I’d love to be able to rip Husker fans, but they won’t let me. I’ve covered SEC, Big 10, Big 12 and Pac-10 football and Nebraska fans are as good as it gets. Knowledgeable, supportive, classy, gracious. Hard to root against them once you get to know them. (Especially now that Bill Callahan’s gone.)

The irony of DeArmond’s comments is that he himself displays the characteristics of the most disagreeable (and unidentified) of all local K.C. faithful: The miserable Mizzou fan.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pinkel Asks Big12 to Review Osborne's Hit on Gabbert

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini says safety Courtney Osborne put a clean hit on Blaine Gabbert. Missouri coach Gary Pinkel wants to make sure.

Pinkel said Monday he's asked the Big 12 to look at videotape of Osborne's hit on the Tigers' quarterback in the fourth quarter of Saturday's 31-17 loss to the Cornhuskers.

ABC Analyst Ed Cunningham has been especially critical of NU hits over the last 2 weeks. Some clever Husker fans made some edits to his Wikipedia page today.

As opposed to other analysts who announce games either standing up or sitting on a stool, Ed has recently chosen do his announcing work sitting exclusively on his high horse. Some maintain this is the only place that he is able to withstand the floodwaters of Roger Goodell's incompetence trickling their way down into the college game, others simply note his mediocre broadcasting skills, and applaud him for taking the easy route in falling in line with the hot-button topic of the day.

Cunningham most recent holier-than-thou work includes public scoldings of both Eric Martin and Courtney Osborne, Nebraska defensive players who were not fined for their perfectly legal plays, and whose only offense was being bigger, faster, stronger, and better than their competition.

During the week, when not announcing games from high upon his stallion, Cunningham can be found handing out blue participation ribbons at your local public school, as well as calling out all other football announcers with skills superior to his as "big meanies."

Likes: Flowers, long walks on the beach, Downy soft clothes and real football (Soccer).

Dislikes: Rough and tough contact and the nasty, violent game of football.

"Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information."
~Michael Scott

Martinez 'improving' after ankle sprain

LINCOLN – Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez suffered a right ankle sprain after taking a hit on the leg Saturday in the Huskers' 31-17 win over Missouri, coach Bo Pelini said Monday.

Pelini had described the injury as a bone bruise after the game.

Martinez, a redshirt freshman who leads the ninth-ranked Huskers in rushing and has started every game, played the final five plays of the first half after being tackled low by Missouri strong safety Kenji Jackson on a 5-yard gain.

Backup quarterback Zac Lee replaced Martinez for the second half.

Martinez did not speak to reporters after the game. He wore a walking boot as he left Memorial Stadium.

He has improved since Saturday, Pelini said, although the quarterback might sit out of practice Monday afternoon.

The coach he didn't think the ankle injury would prevent Martinez from playing Saturday as 7-1 Nebraska visits Iowa State for a 2:30 p.m. kickoff.

"We don't play guys if they're hurt," Pelini said. "If they're healthy, they play. We think it sure looks like he's going to be healthy."

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Getting to Know Iowa State

When: 2:30 p.m. Saturday
Where: Ames, Iowa
Radio: 1110 AM KFAB

Last time out
Iowa State snapped a five-game losing streak against Kansas with a 28-16 win Saturday at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames. The Cyclones scored 21 points in the third quarter to rebound after a lackluster start in the wake of their 28-21 road win over Texas a week earlier. ISU struggled offensively in the first half, scoring its only points on a 62-yard Josh Lenz punt return late in the second quarter. But quarterback Austen Arnaud directed a 74-yard drive early in the third quarter to retake the lead. ISU then drove 89 yards to make it a 12-point game and added a final TD on Shontrelle Johnson's 33-yard touchdown run. With the win, Iowa State, at 5-4, is one victory from gaining bowl eligibility for a second straight season under second-year coach Paul Rhoads.

Remembering 2009
Nebraska will, no doubt, receive a few reminders this week of Iowa State's visit to Lincoln a year ago. The heavy-underdog Cyclones forced eight turnovers and did not give it away once, winning 9-7 without the services of the veteran Arnaud. In his place, freshman Jerome Tiller managed a nice game and connected with Jake Williams for a 47-yard TD pass in the second quarter to provide nearly all of the offense ISU needed. Depending on the health of Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez, who suffered a leg injury Saturday and did not play in the second half against Missouri, backup Zac Lee may get a shot to redeem himself against the Cyclones. Lee threw three interceptions a year ago in a performance that led to his benching a week later, though he was far from the lone culprit. NU also lost five fumbles.

Statistically speaking
Arnaud, the 6-foot-3, 230-pound QB, accurately represents his team. The fifth-year senior out of Ames has done nothing so well this year that it jumps off the stat sheet. Nevertheless, he's solid in enough areas to pose a real threat. Arnaud's production as a three-year starter rates him among the best in ISU history. This year, he's completing 57.4 percent of his passes for 151.6 yards per game with 10 touchdowns and eight interceptions. Arnaud has also rushed for 250 yards. Not impressed? Don't let it fool you; he's effective, much like the Cyclones, who allowed 120 points in consecutive October losses at home to Utah and Oklahoma but came back to beat Texas and KU. ISU ranks no higher than 52nd in any major offensive or defensive statistical category, including 102nd out of 120 teams in total defense, 104th in passing offense, 98th in total offense, 99th in rushing defense and 88th in scoring defense. Somehow, though, the Cyclones get it done.

The series
Nebraska and Iowa State have played every year since 1926, and it's been largely one-sided. Iowa State hasn't beaten the Huskers in consecutive seasons since 1976 and '77. The Cyclones have won three straight over NU just once, from 1943 to '45. But Iowa State has experienced moderate success this decade, winning three of the past eight games. The victory in Lincoln last year marked the Cyclones' first since 1977. Of course, this is it for the series — at least as conference foes, with the Huskers headed to the Big Ten next season. Most memorable for Iowa State? Nothing tops the Cyclones' 1992 victory, 19-10 in Ames. Interestingly, that landmark upset came after Nebraska defeated ranked foes in back-to-back weeks. The Huskers also started a freshman quarterback 18 years ago, Tommie Frazier, who suffered the only regular-season loss of his four-year career on that November afternoon.

Helu Second Straight National Player of the Week for NU



Senior, Running Back, Danville, CA/San Ramon Valley

Junior running back Roy Helu Jr. rushed for a school record 307 yards and scored three long touchdowns as 14th-ranked Nebraska defeated 7th-ranked Missouri, 31-17. Helu, Jr. scored on runs of 66, 73 and 53 yards as the Huskers improved to 7-1, 3-1 in the Big 12. Helu’s rushing total is the most by any FBS player this season. Helu, Jr. follows teammate Taylor Martinez, who was last week’s Walter Camp National Offensive Player of the Week.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boomer Sooner

Convicted murderer James Landrigan was executed Tuesday night in Florence, Arizona.

Landrigan’s last meal was steak, fried okra, French fries, strawberry ice cream and Dr Pepper.

His last words....

“Well, I’d like to say thank you to my family for being here and all my friends, and Boomer Sooner.”

I'm sure this makes Brooks proud to be a Sooner fan.

Best of T-Magic

Taylor Martinez doesn't speak to the media often but here is a compilation of some of his best quotes

"I like playing against road games"....Classic

11 Memorable NU-Mizz Games

"Frost over the middllllllle..."

Click for link to story

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Aaron Green is N

Aaron Green from James Madison High School in San Antonio Texas committed to Nebraska tonight. Rivals has him ranked as the #5 RB prospect and the #28 overall prospect.
Here are some video highlights of Green

Green had offers from NU, Florida State, Cal, Alabama, Arizona, Auburn, Baylor, Colorado, Georgia, LSU, Missouri, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Southern Cal, Tennessee and Texas Tech.

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Whether it's a home or away game...whether your watching the game in Wrigleyville, at SRO in Houston, TX, or you are watching at home because you are unable to make it to the tailgate...send your pictures to or and we will put them on the blog.

We'd love to see what our No Option Family does for each game and who knows, if it's an away game, you might be chosen as No Option "Tailgater of the Week"!

Eric Martin Suspended

Does the Big 12 want Missouri to win??

"Mr. Martin committed a flagrant act of targeting an opponent with the crown of his helmet in violation of NCAA football rules," commissioner Dan Beebe said in a statement. "This dangerous hit is one that we in the football community are trying to remove from the game."

No penalty was assessed on the play, but Big 12 officials reviewed the game tape and issued a suspension in accordance with NCAA Football Rule 9-6-3, which states, "if subsequent review of a game by a conference reveals plays involving flagrant personal fouls that game officials did not call, the conference may impose sanctions prior to the next scheduled game."

I have to believe that the announcers making such a big deal about the play didn't help. Martin was asked about "Yucking it up" on the sideline after the play. He said that his teammates were making fun of him for being winded so early in the game. He was unable to go back out on for the ensuing kickoff because he was tired

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Score Predictions - Missouri

Enter your Score Predictions for this week's game in the comments section.

Previous Winners

Week 1: Denise - Off by 1 Point! - (Guess 50-10, Actual 49-10)
Week 2: Luke - Off by 1 Point! - (Guess 38-16, Actual 38-17)
Week 3: Denise - Off by 11 Points - (Guess 45-21, Actual 56-21)
Week 4: Kristin - Off by 31 Points - (Guess 41-10, Actual 17-3)
Week 5: Kovar - Off by 5 Points - (Guess 52-12, Actual 48-13)
Week 6: Kovar - Off by 9 Points - (Guess 22-20, Actual 13-20)
Week 7: Kovar - Off by 14 Points - (Guess 52-28, Actual 51-41)
3peat for Kovar!

Picture of the Week

Let's hope NU can hit Gabbert early and often Saturday...
FYI~ The Tigers backup QB is James Franklin who is 11/14 in his career

Blackmon Arrested for DUI

This could really hurt NU if Ok State loses a few games as a result

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma State star wide receiver Justin Blackmon was arrested early Tuesday on a suburban Dallas highway on a misdemeanor DUI complaint and his status with the Cowboys was unclear headed into the final weeks of the season.

Blackmon was arrested at 3:45 a.m. after officers used radar to determine he was driving 92 mph in a 60 mph zone along Interstate 35 in Carrollton, Texas, police spokesman Dustin Bartram said.

The officer performed a field sobriety test on the 20-year-old Blackmon. Under Texas law, drivers under 21 can be arrested for having any detectable amount of alcohol in his or her system and Blackmon fell into that category, Bartram said.

Story continued in the Comments Section...

Getting to Know the Tigers

When: 2:30 p.m. Saturday
Where: Memorial Stadium
Radio: 1110 AM KFAB

ESPN’s “College GameDay” was in town for the first time ever, setting the stage for the nationally televised battle between two unbeatens — Mizzou and BCS No. 1 Oklahoma. The Sooners had won 19 of their past 20 against the Tigers, including a couple of memorable big-stage heartbreakers recently.
The Tigers finally got revenge Saturday night.

Quarterback Blaine Gabbert completed 30 of 42 passes for 308 yards and the Missouri defense was stout when it had to be, knocking OU out of the national title picture for the time being.
It was the first time Missouri defeated Oklahoma since 1998. The Tigers lost twice to OU in 2007, a year when they had a legitimate shot at making the BCS championship game. They were blown out by the Sooners in the Big 12 title game in 2008.
Things were different this season. Now, Mizzou is 7-0 for just the third time in school history (the first time since 1960). It heads to Nebraska with a chance at putting a firm grip on the Big 12 North race with a win.

The Tigers didn’t leave Saturday’s game without some drama.
They trailed OU 21-20 before scoring two straight touchdowns to seemingly take control. But botched execution by the Missouri kickoff coverage gave the Sooners great field position and they pulled within two scores late. Ultimately, though, Oklahoma couldn’t complete the comeback and Mizzou fans celebrated their win by rushing the field.

Gabbert shining
Blaine Gabbert’s stock is rising, even if Husker fans preferred that it wasn’t.
Through seven games, he’s throwing for an average of 271 yards and completing 67 percent of his passes. He’s tossed 11 touchdowns and just three interceptions.
NU supporters don’t need to be reminded that Gabbert originally made a nonbinding commitment to Nebraska during the recruiting process, but ultimately signed with Mizzou.

Running backs step up
Missouri’s ground game came alive Saturday and added some balance to its attack.
As a team, the Tigers totaled 178 rushing yards on 39 carries against Oklahoma, which was more production from their ground game than they had during both of their previous conference games combined. Their 181 rushing attempts on the season ranked last in the Big 12.
The backfield duo of De’Vion Moore and Henry Josey turned out to have large roles in the Missouri game plan. Moore had 73 yards and Josey had 64.
It will be interesting to see if the running game is emphasized to that extent against Nebraska.
Other than their shutdown performance against Kansas State’s Daniel Thomas, the Huskers haven’t defended the run consistently well this season. Oklahoma State’s Kendall Hunter ran for 201 yards Saturday.

Nose guard out
Missouri’s defense will be without a big piece on Saturday.
Starting nose guard Dominique Hamilton, a 6-foot-5, 305-pounder who plugs running lanes and disrupts throwing pockets, broke his foot during the first quarter on Saturday night.
Hamilton is out for the year.
The injury is a blow to the Tigers’ unit, though that group has performed well all season.
Missouri leads the conference in scoring defense (13.1 points per game) and ranks second at defending the run (114.6 yards per game). The Tigers allowed a season-high 27 points to Oklahoma, but they recorded two interceptions and held the Sooners to just 99 total rushing yards.