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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No Love For Alex Henery

During the NU/CU Broadcast last week, Ed Cunningham called Alex Henery the best College Football Kicker of All-Time...he might not be wrong.

NCAA Record for Career Field Goal Percentage - 87.8%
Henery - 66 of 74 89.2%

NCAA Record for FG% Outside 40 Yards - 72.1%
Henery - 24 of 31 - 77.4%

NCAA Record for FG% Inside 40 Yards - 97%
Henery - 42 of 43 - 97.7%

This year he is 16 of 17 with one "miss" being a blocked 51 yard attempt

Over 50-Yards:
Season: 1-of-2
Career: 4-of-10
40-to-49 Yards:
Season: 7-of-7
Career: 20-of-21
Less Than 40-Yards:
Season: 8-of-8
Career: 42-of-43

Oh Yea, he's also a great punter (He's ranked in top 5 for all time Punting avg at NU) and will end his Career as the All Time Scoring Leader in NU History.

Despite these Stats, Henery was only named Second Team All Big 12 and is not a finalist for the Lou Groza Award (Best Kicker) or the Ray Guy Award (Best Punter).

Two of the Kickers nominated for the Groza (Ok State kicker and Souther Miss kicker) have kicked 26 and 24 field goals respectively but they have a lot more attempts and are each about 86%. The 3rd is the Notre Dame Kicker who is 15 for 15 this year and 10 are from inside 40 yards. (Keep in mind Henery is 16 for 17 with a blocked 51 yard attempt)

If awards voters can't see his value, at least we know the NFL will as Henery will likely be one of maybe 2 or 3 kickers drafted in June. In case you are wondering the average Salary for an NFL kicker is $1.4 Million and Rookie Kickers usually make around $500,000

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  1. And here is something that stats dont tell you...Henery's kicks are always RIGHT down the middle. Every time. Freaking stud. Those awards are some total BS.