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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Prove me wrong, Taylor

If Taylor Martinez can somehow manage to run the table in BIG 10 play, it would be some other-worldly type of shit. Nebraska’s schedule is just ridiculous. In the preseason USA Today poll, the Big 10 has 8 teams in the top 35 vote getters.

Those teams are: Wisconsin (10), NEBRASKA (11), Ohio St (16), Michigan St (17), Penn St (25), Iowa (30), Northwestern (31), and Michigan (34).

Nebraska plays ALL freaking 7 of the other teams!!! (Just for comparison, the SEC equals the BIG10 with 8 in the top 35 while the Big 12 has just 5 teams)

Running the table with that type of schedule would be an amazing feat for any team to do. Anyone. But when you figure in the fact that we have a pussy QB…well sheeeit…that road is damn near impossible. Yeah I’m in the camp that doesn’t believe in Magic. Why? Because I really think he is a pussy. Just my opinion.

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  1. yeah he needs to get his ass whooped