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Monday, November 1, 2010

Pinkel Asks Big12 to Review Osborne's Hit on Gabbert

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini says safety Courtney Osborne put a clean hit on Blaine Gabbert. Missouri coach Gary Pinkel wants to make sure.

Pinkel said Monday he's asked the Big 12 to look at videotape of Osborne's hit on the Tigers' quarterback in the fourth quarter of Saturday's 31-17 loss to the Cornhuskers.

ABC Analyst Ed Cunningham has been especially critical of NU hits over the last 2 weeks. Some clever Husker fans made some edits to his Wikipedia page today.

As opposed to other analysts who announce games either standing up or sitting on a stool, Ed has recently chosen do his announcing work sitting exclusively on his high horse. Some maintain this is the only place that he is able to withstand the floodwaters of Roger Goodell's incompetence trickling their way down into the college game, others simply note his mediocre broadcasting skills, and applaud him for taking the easy route in falling in line with the hot-button topic of the day.

Cunningham most recent holier-than-thou work includes public scoldings of both Eric Martin and Courtney Osborne, Nebraska defensive players who were not fined for their perfectly legal plays, and whose only offense was being bigger, faster, stronger, and better than their competition.

During the week, when not announcing games from high upon his stallion, Cunningham can be found handing out blue participation ribbons at your local public school, as well as calling out all other football announcers with skills superior to his as "big meanies."

Likes: Flowers, long walks on the beach, Downy soft clothes and real football (Soccer).

Dislikes: Rough and tough contact and the nasty, violent game of football.

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~Michael Scott

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